Sound, smell, and lights

This is going to be a quick post, but I was invited to go on a wine tasting tour the other week, and I wanted to write something about how all the senses combined create an experience. So this wine tasting thing was a really fancy & posh event where you had to dress up nicely and cheep your chin up. I’m usually not into this kind of thing, but because I was invited and I didn’t want to turn it down, I agreed.

There was actually a chauffeur who rolled up in a shiny stretch limo in front of my house. It was even decorated with flowers and looked like a wedding limo ready to let a bride out in front of a big church. I stepped in and smelt that familiar new car smell. The cool air freshened my body from the humid outside air, and the dim lighting caused me to feel relaxed and at ease. I was the first one to get picked up so I got to pick the best seat in the car, which was all the way in the corner behind the drivers’ seat. Their was lighting on the ceiling which changed colors and patterns depending on the beat of the music. It was very seductive and celestial, which actually didn’t seem to match for a wine tasting, but I was impressed nonetheless.

We drove all the way to San Fransisco and stopped by about 3-4 wine tasting places where we got tours of vineyards and wine cellars. Even though I’m not really into wine, the fact that we got to drive in an awesome car and stop by all these nice places was well worth it.